Hand in Hand

Swannanoa Valley Churches and Businesses

Helping Swannanoa Valley School Children

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Which Schools Does Hand In Hand support?

·         Black Mountain Primary

·         Black Mountain Elementary

·         WD Williams Elementary

·         Owen Middle School

·         Owen High School

·         Community High School

Q: What kind of things does Hand In Hand fund?

A: Not all Children in the Swanannoa Valley have access to the basic necessities required for a conducive learning environment.

In the last few months, we have helped pay for

·         school field trips,

·         senior project supplies, 

·         textbooks for seniors to attend AB Tech classes,

·         every day school supplies,

·         school lunches while parents are waiting to be approved for the free lunch program,

·         winter jackets,

·         basic clothing, re: socks,

·         graduation fees including  Caps and Gowns,

·         in class project fees,

·         USB drives

Q: What items are always needed?

·         The Marble colored composition books (in all colors),

·         Plastic folders with brads and pockets,

·         Kleenex,

·         Purell hand sanitizer (this is the only brand allowed in schools.)

·         Everyday school supplies

Q: How do you raise money?

·         Homecoming smoked Turkey sale

·         Spaghetti Supper

·         Poor Man’s Supper

·         Donations

·         Donations in Kind

Q: Are my donations a tax deduction?

Yes, we are a 501 (c )3 organization and all donations are able to be claimed on IRS forms.

Q: How is the money dispersed?

A teacher or counselor must see need.

The principal and a select counselor both must agree when money is spent using the Hand in Hand account earmarked for each school.

Many times the teacher will front the money and submit a receipt for re-imbursement